Love Status in English : Share on Whatsapp, Instagram For whom you love

love status for WhatsApp : Love is the best gift made by God. You need essentials things in your life like food, water, and clothes in the same way you also need love. It is a very important part of human life. Life seems empty and incomplete without love. Then, no matter how much money you have. And no matter how popular you are. Your life is incomplete without love. But when we get to love or we love someone, it is the most beautiful and memorable moment of our life.

Many times this love becomes the support of living for someone, then many times love remains incomplete which turns into pain. But true love gives you strength from within that helps you fight with a smile.

For love, you have come to find something that can convey the words of your heart to your loved ones. In order to make your work easier, we have brought love status and WhatsApp love status in this post. You can make your love feel by sharing on social media or sending it as a message to your friends. With this love status for WhatsApp you will make them realize how special they are for you.

Love Status in English, Whatsapp love status

My heart  feels good when I am with you.

Love related status

My heart Doesn’t even express love to you and is not ready to leave you.

## beautiful status about love ##

Lovers can feel each other’s beats.

True love feeling status for whatsapp

True love doesn’t leave you in any trouble, even the whole world will leave you.

most loving status :

If you want to understand me, then understand me from your heart.

best love status for whatsapp DP

Some memories, some things, and some relationships are built forever, they can never be forgotten.

status for loved ones

I wish and pray that there should be at least one such person in everyone’s life who loves and cares for us with a true heart.

whtsapp love status

sorrow did not allow you to laugh, society did not let us cry, memories did not let you to sleep.

romantic status for whatsapp in english

It feels good. Whenever someone says, no problem, I am with you

love line status

Never leave someone who cries for you, because only those who have luck get such lovers.

If your love is true, then no power in the world can separate you.

In love, doubt and anger do the same people who are afraid of losing you.

My life is Complete when you and your love are with me.

loveable status

best status of love

Love, caring, attachment for me These were only the words
But .. when I met you … then these words got the meaning !!

Your heart is a very important part of my life.
My love for you, it’s not just about words, our relationship is from my soul to your soul .. !!

>>special love status

Everyone has a heart, But not all have a pure heart like you.

Investment in relations at a young age will give you a return in old age.

Always keep smiling in your life in every situation, because Sad hearts get sympathy, but not good life partners.

>>latest love status for whatsapp

Love has no color, yet it is colorful, There is no face for love, yet love is beautiful.

your voice is so soothing and beautiful, whenever I listen to your voice I fell in love with you.

Crazy Love status

What crazy things I do … ”I write one evening that I forgot you, then I remember you all night.

This is true I like you, and the situation is this without you I don’t like anything at all.

How much love is there for you in this heart, if i to tell you …… then promise you will not get crazy.

Beautiful status about love for whatsapp DP

That every day is special and is like a celebration, whenever I see you.

Love Status for instagram

Thank you for loving me and making my life paradise.

It is another matter whether you will accept me or not if I should not even try, this is wrong.

you never know With whom and when you will fall in love because your heart is a house that does not have a door.

Without thirst there is no value of water, similarly, love is loved by many in the world, but the price is not of love but of faith.

Love Status for facebook

I smile, whenever I remember you, you are such a beautiful idea.

I bother you a lot but remember I will never leave you in trouble.

when you are with me I don’t need to care about myself.

only a small glimpse of you, makes my whole day passes like buzzing.

I don’t pray for a long life, just pray to Be with you all my life.

awesome love status

Long-lasting relationships are built with love and honesty

Pain can be endured if someone understands your pain.

There should be someone in life so that we can share all our things

Love given by someone gives you strength and when you love someone, you get courage.

You are my last thought before bed, and my first thought after I wake up.

To fight With all the difficulties of life all I need is your sweet smile

A small definition of a life partner, with you I am complete, without you i am incomplete.

Where there is respect, there love is forever, without respect love ends.

A good life partner, Half the sorrow and double the happiness.

Love you till the last breath of my life, Even if I can’t get you. It’s not necessary to leave what you can’t get.

love status line

For the world you are a human being, but for me, you are the whole world.

true love status in english

Every evening of life will be beautiful…
If i have luck to have you in my life…

best status love

I have not seen anyone with love after you… I am fond of love, Not of loafing ..

beautiful status about love

Distance never reduces love, it only increases love.

Couple Love status

Relationships in which there is nothing hidden, in which there are no lies and deception, those strong relationships will last long.

Everyone wants to love the most beautiful person, but we should love that person who makes this world beautiful.